¿Y qué comemos mañana?
Mª Isabel Torres Siller, Andrés Ramírez Ruiz

Without a clear intention, in 2018 we began documenting Fina’s stories during the weekends. With photographs and recordings of her voice, we collected scattered anecdotes that transported us to unfamiliar times for our generation: migrating and leaving behind lands, relatives, post-war hardships, and scarcity. Until one day, we thought it could be nice to turn all of this into a book, as a family gift.

¿Y qué comemos mañana? is Tabletimes’ first book. It is a biographical cookbook born out of gratitude. About turning 85 years old, Grandma Fina –who is grandma to many more than just her grandchildren– continues to teach us that change is the only constant in life. And that modernity is carried within the essence.

Throughout the book, we accompany Fina while she cooks and remembers moments from her life. Memories and recollections alternate with images showing us details and daily life’s simple beauty. Finally, we conclude with an appendix containing her recipes. 

Published by Tabletimes
Stories and recipes by Josefina Barbero Jiménez
Photography by Andrés Ramírez Ruiz
165 x 120 mm
272 pages
Otabind + dust jacket
1st edition - 2022
2nd edition - 2023