tabletimes is an independent publisher and bookstore that focuses on exploring timeless themes intersected by food—we create and curate publications intended to offer insights into our existence through that which sustains all life—we think food as a universal language weaving together shared narratives, connecting us to past and future times, and providing a means to reflect on systemic change, all while holding the potential to help us evolve.

It all began with a simple promise to Fina, Andrés' paternal grandmother: we would immortalize her stories and recipes in a book. As we delved into the process, we enjoyed so much that publishing a book turned into creating a publishing house. In April 2022, amidst a Sant Jordi celebration that surpassed all expectations, we founded Tabletimes with the title ¿Y qué comemos mañana?.
            Beyond the realms of editing, designing, and publishing, Tabletimes actively seeks out projects that resonate with our ethos. Thus, within this space, we also share a selection of publications that make us feel a profound commitment to their content and especially to the people behind each of them.
            Our focus lies on gastronomic literature that delves deep into the essence of food, showcasing its depth and breadth. Whether there's a table or not, it's the intention that resides within it that gives meaning to this project.

Att. Isabel and Andrés