tabletimes is an independent publishing house in which food serves as both the cause and the excuse, that's why we envision it as an endless table where life unfolds—it's the place where we come together, share, get to know one another, and simply exist—whether there's a table or not, it's the intention it holds that breathes life into this project.

It all started when we told Fina, Andrés' grandma, that we were going to make her a book. We began documenting her memories and recipes to share with the family and make sure they wouldn't be lost. We enjoyed diving into the process so much that publishing a book turned into creating a publishing house. In April 2022, we founded Tabletimes with the release of "¿Y qué comemos mañana?".

In addition to editing, designing, and publishing books, we actively seek out projects that resonate with Tabletimes. That's why in this space, we also share a selection of publications which make us feel deeply committed with their content and, especially, with the people behind them.

We're all about gastronomic books that showcase the depth and breadth of food. Whether there's a table or not, it's the intention that resides within it that gives meaning to this project.

Isabel and Andrés