Film Food Footnotes II
Malia Haines-Stewart, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Alan Medina

«The screen on which we watch a movie is a plate. If it’s a small screen, do you get a single serving of memory? If it’s a large screen, do you host a feast among friends? If it’s a private screen, are you a glutton? If it’s a free screen, do you glean and share?

This book is also a plate, its creation and each component a nourishing exchange. The book investigates food-moments in select films. The food-moments are highlighted by food-images. The film food-images are accompanied by film food footnotes. The footnotes span close reads, brief encounters, critical responses, and tangential thoughts –writings in which we, viewer-eaters, digest the visual ingredients offered up to us.

A movie is a meal, a site in which we correspond and coalesce. Do you eat hastily or at leisure? Do you make careful note of the flavors? Do you think of its preparation?»

Published by filmfront + CONJUGATION
Texts by Alyx Christensen, Peter Goldberg, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Malia Haines-Stewart, Pi Quinn, A. Mekimeki
180 x 130 mm
28 pages
Softcover, two-colour risograph, loop-stapled