Potato Salad
Martijn in ’t Veld


«Often we are so busy making books here at the happy potato press we hardly have time for a proper lunch. More often than not we find ourselves gobbling down our food while sitting behind our laptop. Then one day, while bits and pieces of our lunch happily splattered down upon our keyboard, we had an idea. What if we simply turn our lunch-making into bookmaking?

Et voilà! Happy to present you Potato Salad, prepared during lunchtime. For this one, we thought we would keep it simple. Just scoop some potato salad on a flatbed scanner, take a bite, run the scanner, take another bite, run the scanner again and so forth, until the food was gone, and we had enough scans to compile a book with.

Then, of course, things don’t turn out to be so simple. A lot of questions arose during the process. Simple ones, and complicated ones, but worst of all, unexpected ones…»

Published by Happy Potato Press
297 x 208 mm 
24 pages
Laser print, staple bound