The Girl Who Crossed the River with a Tablecloth
Lara Bongard

Lara Bongard inherited a century-old Shabbat tablecloth, the sole surviving family treasure from the vanished world of her ancestors, with which her great-grandfather Mordko Bongard crossed the river from his shtetl in 1911 and never returned. He left his family and community to escape the pogroms that ravaged the region.

The Girl Who Crossed the River with a Tablecloth is the result of Lara's extensive research to uncover her family's past. Collecting testimonies, photographs, and archival material, using the tablecloth as a symbol of connection and continuity, the project weaves together fictional narratives, lunar calendars, travel stories, and personal memories to explore the fluid meaning of home and the diverse identities that shape us.

This intimate and multidimensional work reflects on the power of shared meals, cultural connections, and the importance of storytelling in shaping our understanding of the past and the present.

Published by Art Paper Editions
Diseñado por Lara BongardLien Van Leemput for 6'56"
240 x 170 mm 
240 pages
American dust jacket